PCP Episode 16: Episode in the spot light: Episode # xxx, from the Podcast: xxxxx

A Topic then an Episode is selected from one of the podcasts I personally listen to. and I conduct research, analysis of the podcast. the scrutiny will reveal a score based on the following criteria, each criteria is scored from 1 to 10, and a final score will be the sum of all points from all criteria with a max possible score of 100 points, all the scores will be kept in samborgui.com/PodScores

1- Equipment Performance

2- Sound Fidelity

3- Delivery Performance

4- Credibility of the Interviewer

5- Credibility of the Interviewee

6- Bias of the Interviewer

7- Bias of the Interviewee

8- Misinformation

9- Accuracy of Statements

10- Care for the Audience