But Regardless of the Genre, For better planning consider the checklist below where we provide you with the 7 Phases to consider to Self-Publish your first book.

(more planning material is available HERE)

From Pre-Marketing to Marketing,

The 7 phases of Self-Publishing Mindsets

1. Premarketing

· Decide on the Author Name

· Decide on the Website name

· Start Social Networking

· Connect with like-minded People (via FB Groups and Podcasts or YouTube Channels: SPF, Joanna Penn, David Gaughran …)

· Decide if Self-Publishing is for you (Do the Research)

2. Getting Ready

· The Writing Knowledge (from Reading, from Podcasts, from /YouTube Trade Videos

· The Skills of Writing (from Education, Experience…)

· Get your Body Ready

§ The Balance of the Thirds (the Intakes: 1/3 must be food, 1/3 must be air, 1/3 must be water)

§ Eat Right (know what is the calorie need of your body to maintain equilibrium)

§ Move Right (do some Sports, sit right, type right…)

§ Rest Right (don't compromise in your sleep, writing tired produces rework and frustration, write only when completely rested)

· Get your Environment Ready

§ Work

§ Family

§ The Time in Between

Ø Tools

Ø Build the Right Habits and Skills

Ø Micro Writing Sets (even on a cellphone, get a small or foldable keyboard for your mobile)

Ø Recordings (on your cellphone, or on a recording device with a single record button)

Ø Master your Time

· Get your Mental Abilities Ready

§ Know your weaknesses and work on them

§ Know your Strengths and Capitalize on Them

§ Know when to Stop and Recharge

Ø Vacation

Ø Staycation

Ø Redirect your Attentions Between Projects

Ø Writing

Ø Learning and Testing Marketing Strategies

Ø Learning Book Design and making Book Covers and Ads Graphics

Ø Building other Digital Content

Ø Blogs

Ø Podcasts

Ø Videos (YouTube, Short Digital Stories on Instagram and Similar)

Ø Learning and Working on your Newsletters and email management companies

Ø Work on Other Books

Ø Author website

Ø Author social Platform

Ø Freebies

Ø Investment in the Brand

Ø Authors legal council

Ø Authors Healthcare

· Get Your Tools Ready

· Get your Writing Space Ready

· Get your Ideas Organized

§ Topic

§ Genre

§ Category and Sub-Category

· Choose your Faith

§ Outliner

§ Pantser

§ Mixed (Outliner and Pantser)

§ Hybrid (Mixed +some New Delivery Type) depends on the available technologies.

3. What you need

· The Written Book

· The Book Cover

· The Book Blurb

· Author Domain and Website (start with Free versions: Wix, google, Bluehost….)

· Mail management Client (MailChimp, lightmail…)

· Freebies (PDFs, part of a book, a spreadsheet, a collection of blogs in one pdf, ….)

· Sites to drop the freebies in (Prolificworks.com, bookfunnel.com, freebooksy.com …)

· Newsletter (to sustain the engagements)

· Blogs (to maintain engagements)

· YouTube Videos (to build and foster the author/Reader relationship)

· Podcasts (Anchor.fm, buzzsprout.com to build and foster the author/Reader relationship)

4. Graphic Designs

· Book Covers

· Ads Graphics

· Miscellaneous Designs

· Stock Photos

5. Book Editing

· Development Editing

· Proofreading

· Grammar

· Line Editing

6. Book Formatting

· Decide on your Type of Self-Publishing (Exclusive like KDP, or Wide: Draft2Digital, StoryOrigin, Kobowritinglife, …)

· Decide on your Book Frame Size (9x6 ….)

· Know your Page Count

Ø Include the Front Matter

Ø Include the Back Matter

Ø Consider the color type (B&W or Color => Cost)

Ø Consider the Inside Images Resolution (generally at least 300dpi or images will be blurry)

· Prepare Your Book Formats

Ø Kindle, ….

Ø Paperback

· Consider what to put in the Headers and Footers (pagination, title, author name….)

· Consider Ornaments signs or drop letters

7. Marketing

· Newsletter (to sustain the engagements)

· Advertisements (Amazon, Facebook, BookBob, Instagram, …)

· Podcasts (Anchor.fm, buzzsprout.com to build and foster the author/Reader relationship)

· YouTube Videos (to build and foster the author/Reader relationship)

· On to the Next Book/Topic…

· Backlist Magic