In these platforms (books, podcasts, videos, and blogs) the emphasis is, since day one, on matching the science as much as possible with the fiction, with hopes that the newly created discussions will lead our next thinkers towards building better worlds.

The created discussions are not only about the possibility of the sciences but also our capability of handling its reach and powers. some of the ideas mentioned throughout all our science fiction books are:

  • what political system works best for the future societies where co-existing is a necessity, and when divisions are unavoidable?

  • what economic restrictions should be imposed on big tech to prevent them from being more powerful and impactful than the elected leaders of countries these corporations reside in?

  • When can free speech become a problem for societies?

  • How much can an AI be trusted, and what is the allowable power and authority a society can give an AI?

  • These are simple but yet considerable questions, that need not only deep thinking about the future possibilities but reveals questions about our readiness to handle these types of singularities.

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