Let’s be real, when all the shit that can go wrong went wrong, humanity saw it all, wars, pandemics, exterminations, environmental disasters, and now Aliens, it may look as a cliché, these books are far from it, they are more of a depiction of a series of imaginative social experiments, that events and solutions are all imagined, join us on this journey and see how we, as a species, will or won’t keep this world together.

The Long-awaited Citizen Servants Series is here. Written as a dedication to the United States Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Forces, this Series is part Dystopian part Space Marine Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novel. the time span for the series starts several thousand years in the past and goes all the way to the year 2586.

In a series of events that seem to be all grim and desperate, humanity creates its own faith. Some thrive, some only try to survive. Can humanity finally reach that level of enlightenment where prosperity and care are uniform, or will we simply fall deeper into the inevitable and sometimes despair?

Explore these books and prepare for a ride that will take you from old historical events, zip you through contemporary trials and current societal dilemma, and take you deep into future realms, spaces, and dimensions.

I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Dr. Sam

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